Visualizing your dream home begins with a BIM which enables lots of feedback making choices about layout of rooms as well as capturing views and maximizing solar energy all done in an efficient affordable manner.  The process also makes chosing appliances, materials & product solutions to be quite interactive.  The ultimate goal is to build so submittable plans are key which when combined with visualization gives good design.

Powerful Generation of views

Utilizing the power of the BIM one can quickly make explorations of form lead directly to documentable Elevations, cut Sections & figure out detail issues. 

Parametric Linking of Product Data

The model has as it's name impiies "Intelligence" this permits us to link information about Voltage, Energy Useage, even tie directly to websites which give further info about cost, availabliity colors and choices.  The really smart thing is that it is just a click away to changing one's mind. . . !

BIM= Full Documentation

Utilizing our method we can rapidly generate sections, Elevation, Details and Callouts to completely document your house for submitting to the appropriate authorities.  We are quite used to working closely with licensed Architects or Engineers and can hook you up with one in your area.