TESTIMONIALS from Clients/Colleagues of Roland & ohcad 

These are folks that Roland Hoyle <OH CAD> Chief Strategist, Designer, Creative Director and Chief Bottle Washer has worked with on a wide variety of creative collaborations. Let them do the talking. . .

Peter Craycroft
Global Strategist at EYELEVEL



Chairman @ thrive Retail Environments 

Founder : : Mobius inc. Eugene, OR 

Roland served as : : CAD Services / Creative Director
thrive Retail Environment Design : : Portland, OR

"Roland is a superb illustrator. He delivers beyond expectation. He is rare in that he possesses a high degree of design and architectural understanding and the practical and digital design skill to create not just renderings for presentation but highly accurate, final assembly and build drawings. His project management skills are very good and he will work tirelessly to see projects to completion. As a designer Roland adds value to every project because of his intellect, his conceptual abilities and his practical materials and mechanical understanding".

Willa M.  Badrick

Board of Directors, History Collection ParkPortland, Oregon Area Architecture & Planning


Fouder : DesignVISION

"Roland is a one-of-a-kind creative genius. He is fun to work with, and has an amazing skill-set. His background in the Architecture World, gives him an excellent 3-D sensibility. He has a natural ability with color and texture that is unrivaled. Roland is one of the most gifted guys I have ever worked with, and a real genuine joy to collaborate with. Call him up today!"

July 3, 2013,

Bill was Roland's client @ ZedstudioZ/OZON & badaBIM

Leon-Forrest Caulkins


Producer/engineer/musician at Leon-Forrest Productions

Roland is an ARTIST. Whatever he does, he does with an artist's eye,heart and mind, which always reflects true, creative genius.He is able to extract the essence of a project while leaving the original feeling intact.Truly, He is in a much higher league than most.And...I consider Him a really good friend!Roland Rocks!October 15, 2011, Leon-Forrest worked directly with Roland at O Z O N Creative

Ben Kuechenhoff >> 09-27-2017 

Roland's passion for his profession was obvious the very first time I contacted him. This passion carried through the whole project and reflected in beautiful details and accurate drawings. As an unexperienced owner-builder, he offered me a ton of practical feedback and aesthetic pointers that pushed the final outcome way beyond my initial expectations. His deep understanding of building science combined with his openness to learn something new made the process fun, interactive, and collaborative. I couldn't have asked for a better partner in this endeavor.


Mahalo !


Warren Fisher

Relationship: Client WF_DADU WASHINGTON STATE 
Project Date: December 2019
Project Price Range: more than $100,000
I think that Roland Hoyle is a real pro. He was very sensitive to all my needs and addressed them fully.
I worked with Roland to design an ADU to be situated on my daughter's property on the Columbia River. Given the nature of the area, I was especially concerned about the prospect of forest fires and the need for a protective design. Having lived 14 years in a sunny climate, I wanted to have a space which would maximize the natural light Further, I would be moving from Arizona with 1000 books and a grand piano. So the placement of furniture was a critical aspect of the designed space and he accomplished this admirably. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him to achieve my design goals.
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Howard Patrick (Pat) Barry,



Owner, Barry Associates Architects <BAA>

Sustainable Jurisprudence Candidate

Vermont Law School

Roland’s path through life is at essence the transit of a labyrinth – circuitous but inevitable, and always transformational.

Roland’s twin passions - architecture and metaphysics (his life long study and pursuit of the deep structure of beauty) - have been bourn through the years with valor, and yes, joy. To this day they are manifest in every step he takes.

If Roland takes the decision to share his quest with you (or briefly join you in your quest), you can - to my thinking – take it as the most sincere of complements.
June 3, 2010, Howard Patrick (Pat) worked with Roland at Barry Associates Architects. 

Relationship: Roland is a

professional colleague who

has consulted with BAA for over 25 years.

Project Date: January 1990

Project Price: more than $100,000


OhCAD! is a digital way-finding studio of the first water – prefiguring real world solutions with a masterful application of a full suite of state of the art computer based modeling and rendering tools. 


OhCAD! is obsessed with value adding through precise visual forecasting – measuring twice (and then some) so that its clients need only cut once. 


OhCAD! is guided by Roland Hoyle whose mission is to replace value with greater value, truth with greater truth. 


A lot of words in the service of vision, but then it would take a thousand more words to begin to describe the images Roland/OhCAD! has generated in support of Barry Associates Architects and of our collective mission of building and rebuilding a sustainable regenerative world.


Roland (now OhCAD!) was the vision-questor for our firm with regard many projects with us. 

Howard Patrick (Pat) Barry, AIA MELP JD


301 919 2285 cell